Fall Sale: 2 + 2 Free 🍃


Do you use genuine leather?

Of course. We only use premium leather in our entire ENRICH collection. You will feel and smell this immediately! The great advantage of this material is that – unlike plastic telephone covers – it better handles the fall and considerably reduces the risk of falling damage.

How do I take care of my case?

Each of our products is handmade with fine materials to guarantee exceptional quality. To preserve the appearance of the case and initials for as long as possible, we recommend avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures, abrasive surfaces, moisture and oil-based conditions.
If necessary, we recommend wiping the product with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Does it cost extra to personalize?

Not at all! We offer free personalization on the entire collection. View your product now to see what the initials or letters will look like.

Does the ENRICH logo remain in gold foil?

The entire ENRICH collection is reflected in gold, our logo remains in gold foil as the basis for the products.